The Network

As this section is also meant for networking purposes, if you have an interesting project or business you are running please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to include your details here.


To kick off the project the partners met in Madrid and brought the first eager learners to find out more about social entrepreneurship across Europe. As the term social entrepreneurship does not exist in all countries but the idea of this type of business can cross cultural, linguistic and national borders, the workshop aimed at finding out what is social entrepreneurship and what kind of initiatives from different European countries could fall under the same umbrella. It was a difficult task as the nature of business and social ventures differ surprisingly much across Europe, but finally we did manage to find some common ground. You can find articles related to our discussions in the Social Entrepreneurship section of this blog.


The second workshop in the UK took place on the 10th May 2012. We brought together learners and project partners from six different countries to share their experiences relating to inspiration, innovation and creativity. All participants had a host of great ideas to share. During the workshop we discussed how creativity can be increased and shared tools that could be used at work to make ourselves more innovative. Towards the end of the workshop we decided to put our minds to the test and challenged ourselves in groups to come up with ideas for new businesses. To find out more about the workshop and our creativity tools, please turn to the section Innovation and Creativity in this blog. Also take a look at the video we made of the workshop below!

VIDEO: Set4Change Workshop on Creativity and Innovation


The third workshop took place on the 22nd of November 2012 in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. We brought together learners and project partners from six different countries to share their experiences relating to thinking outside the box and creativity. During the workshop we discussed the various definitions of thinking outside the box in different countries. Participants agreed that thinking outside the box takes courage as it involves supporting and nurturing new ideas within well-established company cultures. However, in today’s difficult and highly competitive business and job scenario lateral thinking is indeed becoming very important and critical. During the day, participants were asked to carry out a series of exercises to help them develop flexible thinking. To find out more about thinking outside the box and intrapreneurial skills, have a look at  the Intrapreneurial Skills section in this blog.



The fourth and final workshop took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the 16th of May 2013. We brought together learners and project partners from five different countries to share their experiences. The subject of the workshop was; VET, women in B/SET and social enterprise – the way forward? As this was the final workshop, we discussed with the learners the way forward, how to disseminate the outcomes of the project and we came up with a list of recommendations.


VIDEO: WORSHOP 4: The way forward!


Below you can find out more about some of the people who took part in the workshops and wanted to share their thoughts on social entrepreneurship and what interests them about the topic. Many of them are entrepreneurs themselves, or are thinking about starting a business in the future.


What do I do?

I have a company which works for publishing company

What Interests me about Social Entrepreneurship?

I am interested in the project because I’m looking for printing books for children and old people who have non enough money to buy them.

How can you contact me?

You can contact me on email: angelademeo(a)


What do I do?

I currently am an Adviser for any male and female Adults (18 years old onwards). I give career advice on courses, training , job opportunities, funding opportunities, where to look for jobs and also help people with developing CVs (Curriculum Vitaes), covering letters and help with the current labour market situation. 

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

I have always been interested in this and like to share my knowledge and experience with other people.  I am keen in starting my own business as an artist and to amalgamate with teaching art with English.  Some people cannot communicate well in English but they can express themselves through drawings, art , photographs and performances.  I enjoy meeting people from all cultures and backgrounds and am a people-person.  I enjoy travelling and learning from  other people.

How can you contact me?

I am on facebook, email at

I am currently setting up my new website and you can all view my artworks soon.


What do I do?

I currently work as a freelance consultant that focuses on energy and health.

I am now creating a new company (with two other women) that has the objective to increase Dignity and well-being in care homes for old people, focusing in the environment design and health, and on the care model.

I am an engineer that has expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  I also use my knowledge and interest in alternative medicine, because I’m therapist in flower essences and consultant in building’s health.

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

I’ve been always interested in increase health and well-being in people; and I think that old people in care homes are not attended as they should be, and that’s way I’m focusing now in this social sector. In addition, I think that the allopathic medicine and the way the person is thought are limited and need a holistic point of view. I feel as well the need to work on a project Society focused.

How can you contact me?

Mail: gloria.vilalta(a) or telephone: +34607801350


What do I do?

After being active for many years as a Sustainable Business Developer and Project Manager in the fields of organisation and technology I founded the company Mobas Projects. Mobas supports companies and their chain partners in the initiation, development and implementation of innovative (sustainable) products and services. MOBAS projects launched also 2 new brands the innovative NOMONRO Dressclip ( and the INSCENE congres app for staging interactions during events (

 Core activities: New Business Development, Project Management, Product Innovation, R&D, Sustainability

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

For me there are several reasons why I chose  to participate in the Set4change project.  I think it is of great importance that (technical) business women supports eachother with more power to become great entrepreneurs. By setting up different international rings of women entrepreneurs interested women can start-up new business more easily and benefits from the build up experience level & international contacts. Be found!

This is also my experience as a chairwomen of the Entre Femmes Entrepreneur Network ( – The Netherlands)  

 As a product innovator input from different perspectives is key to my creative process and allocation of market opportunities.  Through the Set4change workshops a variety of foreign entrepreneurs and organisations learn from eachother and brings in their own unique perspective of the situation. This opens up new thoughts & opportunities in the future.

 The next challenge is how we can translate the experiences within the Set4change project to a more broader platform so that other women can also benefit from the gained information and experience. Looking forward to share & connect….This is my goal to become a more social entrepreneur.  

How can you contact me?

Twitter: @nomonro

Twitter:  @inscenecompany



What do I do?

President of ITWIIN (Italian Women Inventors and  Innovators Network)

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

I would like to apply my skills for solving social problems and in particular for helping  women to become more successful 

How can you contact me?

You can find me on LinkedIn


What do I do?

Currently being part of one of the most successful team of e-commerce company in London UK: Lenstore.

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

Within my years of experience, I had the opportunity to support and train people on the applications I have built or on basic computer and internet skills. I believe I can contribute to share my knowledge about the best practice on internet to keep customers or users happy.

How did I get involved with the project?

I attended the 3rd SET4Change workshop in Switzerland. The meeting was a chance to learn that whatever ideas we have about everything is from our own perceptions and experiences. It doesn’t mean it’s right nor wrong, it’s just not final and we can think of the impossible. The meeting helped me overcome assumptions and made me have an even more open mind. It was a chance to realise the potential of what could be.


What do I do?

I help companies and local governments with cleaner, leaner and greener mobility.

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

I think social entrepreneurship is the only way forward. We will need to change our short-term ways and develop long-term skills. I try to help other companies and local governments with that so that we can all benefit from a more sustainable, enjoyable future.

How you can contact me:

Please feel free to contact me if you want any information on sustainable mobility/transport.ttended the 3rd SET4Change workshop in Switzerland. The meeting was a chance to learn that whatever ideas we have about everything is from our own perceptions and experiences. It doesn’t mean it’s right nor wrong, it’s just not final and we can think of the impossible. The meeting helped me overcome assumptions and made me have an even more open mind. It was a chance to realise the potential of what could be.


What do I do?

I am a freelance consultor, specialized in energy topics and its relation with healthy.

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

I am building a company together with two more women entrepreneurs. Our aim is to improve the current retirement home’s model. We are working on a model based in a personalized attendance and service, in a place where the environment and the interior design are the key in the welfare support.

It is an integrated model, and we work on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

I think we are in a moment that we should all work to change objectives and values in the society, and the fact of being able to work in a project that has the main objective as to improve the lives of people, makes me go forward with high motivation, even in this difficult period we are living. This workshop has helped not only to see things in a different way (out of the box) or to look for new tools or new contacts, but from my point of view, to get to know that there are many projects and many women working to improve society. This really helps me not to give up and move forward.

How you can contact me:


Phone Number: +34 607801350

skype: gvilaltag



What do I do?

I am an architect with my own office ‘Architectenbureau 52 Noord’ (since 2008).

I am an overall architect with expertise in:

  • Private Housing and apartments
  • new attachments to monuments and  restorations of the monuments (old industrial buildings , manors and farmhouses).
  • projects in a rural or historical sensitive environment

Design is about working together with your clients, take time for conversations and studies, summarize their ideas in structures and drawings, surprise them. Designing is finding freedom, in the program of requirements, in the structure, in the plan/map, in the thinking of the future use.

Next to my job

  • I visit schools to tell about being an architect for VHTO.
  •  I am a member of the board of the regional architects organization ‘’BNA’’.
  •   a member of the board of  ‘’Het Nut’’ a non profit organisation to bring education and culture to everyone.

 I organize some non-profit architect city trips abroad.

What interests me about Social Entrepreneuship?

In my work and private live I try to have an open view ,create freedom and independence. To achieve this I search contact with different people and cultures and let me inspire by art and architecture.

This project gave me the opportunity to meet interesting people and look across the border. It has shown to me that it is important to check the common and private values and to keep them alive. Particularly the ability for anyone to get schooling and developing  yourself.

How you can contact me:


What do I do?

Consultant, coach, trainer, blogger and speaker on leadership and change in sustainability

I support organisations that struggle in their endeavour to integrate sustainability fully into their day to day business.

Rather than management tools I use leadership and an organizational approach.

I transform the sustainability manager into a sustainability leader.

Waves of Change is a SomethingElse company

Master in both Business Administration and in Science in education.

How you can contact me:

What do I do?

–       Professor (external expert) “innovation and project management” – Politecnico di Torino

–       Social-psychological trainer, specialized in training methodologies for adults

–       Trainer on subjects related to cross-cultural skills and Life skills:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Team working and team building
  • Professional leadership
  • Change management
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation and conflicts management
  • Project management
  • Empowerment
  • Decision making
  • Process of delegating authority
  • Employees management
  • Job interviews management
  • Time management
  • Culture and service orientation
  • Business Visioning process
  • Active expert in Team Coaching and Manager Coaching
  • Expert in methodologies for active training lessons
  • Expert in experiential learning and training, indoor e outdoor training
  • In recent years she liked empowerment and training with Business Theatre and Psyco – social theatre

She is scientific director of Association “FormAzione” which includes: AziendaInScena, for Business Theatre and PersoneInScena, for social-psycological training through theatre-experiential methodologies

She gained a lot of coaching and training experience in:

  • Big and SMEs (production and services)
  • Healthcare enterprises
  • Regional Health Department
  • Business representative organization
  • Social and welfare consortium
  • Cooperatives
  • Schools and training entities
  • European projects

Expert in “Communication Skills” at Santa Rosa Junior College California – USA

How you can contact me:

What do I do?

Born in Carrara on March 9, 1981

Ph.D. in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, her research focus on Social enterprise. She completed a Master of Science programme in Environmental and Land planning engineering in 2006 at the same institution, for her M.Sc. final thesis she has worked for Ong “Ricerca e Cooperazione” in Colombia and she planned a catchment area and managed the stakeholders system. From July 2007 to December 2008 she worked at International Cooperation Service office of Politecnico di Milano as project manager of  international projects for African and South American countries. From January 2009 to April 2010 she was the project manager of “Congo Project”, international cooperation project finalized to management of the energy, water resources and for development a business activities through the microcredit system. From January 2010 she was the project manager of “Cresco”, project funded by Regione Lombardia, with the objective to train and evaluate in the field of sustainable energy, water and mobility of the municipalities of Milano. From January 2009 to January 2012 she was Research Fellow in “International Cooperation and universities role as promoters for innovation in the local self-development: the case of developing countries.  Since 2011 she collaborates with the “Make a Change” movement, she is the coordinator of  the national observatory of social enterprises. She is actually working as Postdoc researcher at the Department of Management of Politecnico di Milano and her research focused on performances measurement systems for Social enterprise and business models for the recycling and recovery of rare earths and precious metals from electrical and electronic waste. She is professor of Engineering and cooperation for global development course. Since 2005 she is member of Engineering Without Borders – Milan (ISF-MI) and since 2009 she is President of the association. On May 25th, 2012 Irene has been awarded with the prize of “Champion for Human Rights 2012” by the organization for human rights “Associazione per i Diritti Umani e la Tolleranza”. Expert on training in the field of social entrepreneurship aimed at immigrants, young people and students.

What do I do?

I am a self employed tutor/consultant in adult education and community development. I also work part time at Sheffield Hallam University. My business is ValB Training and Consultancy.
I returned to education in my 40s and I have now worked in the adult education sector for over 12 years, supporting charitable organisations and social enterprises. After redundancy in 2008, I explored self employment with support from Inova. I have now been self employed for almost 5 years, working mainly with clients living in deprived communities. I support and empower individuals through education and personal development. I have developed and delivered a range of training programmes which range from Basic Computers to Confidence and Public Speaking.
I have a degree in Sustainable Communities and recently qualified from Sheffield Hallam University with a Teaching Degree. I have lived in Sheffield all my life and I have two children. In my 30sw as a single mum, I did a wide range of jobs to support my family’s needs. For a long time lack of confidence held me back. With my own self development, came a diverse range of life experiences that now supports me to empower others. I am an avid reader and also an avid learner. Now 53 I am currently doing an Open College Network course in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (IQA). I have an 8 month old grand daughter called Eliza Megan, who is the light of my life.

What do I do?

was Born in Mexico City on May 11th, 1984. At a young age I was always intrested in science, but it was not until high school that I decided to persue it. I studied medicine in the University Anahuac for 6 years and graduated in 2010. In the last year of study I practiced as a physician in a rural community on the outskirts of Mexico and was able to recognize growing health issues, ranging from common flu’s to non communical diseases. There is a growing trend for the latter: in the next decade chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity will impact the health system twice as much as today. This is why I am studying a MMed Sci in Human Nutrition. As a nutritionist I will have the knowledge to endeavor in an social enterprise centered in the training of food preparation for specific diseases. I would like to provide current guidelines in an accessible manner for patients to follow a healthy and balanced diet. I think this will have a direct impact in delaying the progression of disease as well as improving health indicators as a whole. I hope to get ideas from the programme to set up my own social enterprise.

What do I do?

I am a social entrepreneur and freelance independent consultant specialising in change management with a particular emphasis on the use of individual and team coaching and creative techniques to empower leadership teams to drive change. I set up my own Business in January 2013 and I am particularly interested in working with women entrepreneurs, helping them to develop confidence and authenticity.
Prior to becoming a freelance consultant, I was a senior manager at Sheffield City Council for seven years, heading up a large service area and reporting directly to the Council’s Executive Management Team and latterly to the Chief Executive himself. I have extensive experience in service development, continuous improvement and managing major change programmes in local authority and national voluntary sector contexts. Early in my career I gained some years experience of frontline work in the advice sector before moving into policy and service development work first in the national voluntary sector and then in local government. As a result, I am a seasoned project and programme manager most recently specialising in acting as an internal consultant and coach to major programmes of service and cultural change across the Council while maintaining my Head of Service role.
In the last two years I have started to apply my relationship management skills in the private sector, working in 2010 as an Account Manager for Tramlines (an award winning local music festival), liaising with their major corporate sponsor Nokia. In 2011 I delivered two successful major events as part of the festival bringing street food and vintage retail to the mix.

What do I do?

Spanish born, 25 year old, graduated in law. CEO of Disenos Blanca Rabena S.L. and Creative director of the TITABONITA brand. Winner of the entrepreneurial 2012 prize give by YoDona in collaboration with Madrid Emprende.

What do I do?

Currently I have over 25 years’ experience as a Vocational Educational Trainer. I have two formal qualifications a Degree (BA in Education and Training.) and a Post Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) Certificate in Education and Development.

Professionally I am employed by a British Trade Union called UNISON. We provide employment rights advice, along with also developing and empowering men and women in fantastic training programmes.

I specialise in coaching and mentoring offering a wide range of learning opportunities: from assertiveness and confidence training to Diploma in Employment Law.

I have won various awards over the years for my achievements.
High Achieving women Catharyn Lawrence wins award

I have two daughters (21 years and 17 years young) who both like their mum apply practical coaching skills into everyday life.

I have previously worked at Leeds City College leading on Equality and Diversity training for the Trade Union Congress (TUC)

I am a qualified visiting International TUC / ETUC trainer

I have been part of many international projects:
TUC/ UGTT Tunisia


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