Useful Links on Social entrepreneurship

Success Doncaster

Success Doncaster in the UK is offering Free advice and support for budding Social Entrepreneurs. You can simply go to them with your idea and get the support you need to turn it into reality. Take a look at their leaflet on the support for Social Entrepreneurs in the region.


The HUB is designed to facilitate the creation of sustainable impact through collaboration: Get inspired, Get Connected, Get Involved! The local, national and global HUB network can help you find contacts and think outside the box when finding business partners and creating ideas. Find the nearest HUB to you from their website.

The Finnish Institute in London

The Finnish Institute in London focused on Social Entrepreneurship and delivery of public services in their research projects during the years 2008-2010. You can read articles on the state of social entrepreneurship in Finland and the UK from their website to get perspective on how knowledge and experiences from the UK are applied into another society and culture. Currently their focus is on Education and knowledge society, also a hot topic in Europe at the moment.

The European Commission

In 2011, the European Commission launched an initiative to support Social Businesses and in this way contribute to the growth of the single market. The Commission wants to contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for the development of social business in Europe, and of the social economy at large. Also take a look at the video related to the European Social Businesses and the initiative.

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network connects social entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe and support the efforts of these individuals and organisations in making social changes. The site requires registration and gives you or your company an individual profile that will help you connect with others working on similar issues or sectors. The network also runs webinars and Q&A sessions from time to time that might be of interest to you.


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