Who can be a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, social enterprises work in different sectors, are different sizes and make both big and small social contributions. This means that anyone with…

  • Relevants skills
  • Great idea
  • Guts to go ahead with it
…can become a social entrepreneur!

Imagine you come up with a product that you believe would benefit your surroundings and society, such as a new educational tool for the local school to teach children about recycling. You spend 50 euros to produce this new tool and you sell it to the local school for the price of 100 euros. You then use this 100 euros to create two new sets of your product and you sell it to two other schools and make 200 euros in the process and again put it back into your business and use the profit to develop the tool further, to produce more of your product and, well, give yourself a salary as well…maybe in the future even hire a person to help you and provide a job for someone. This is the essence of social enterprise:  impact the society (teach the value of recycling that benefits a larger community) and provide employment for yourself (and maybe even someone else in the future).

This is what Jane Chen did with her business education and experiences in developing countries to produce Embrace that has helped  countless newborn babies to survive past their first months. By offering also education and training the company has been able to expand their services and take preventive action on a great deal of problems relating to maternal health. Simple solution, using simple technology that is making a real difference.

Women in Science

Women are under represented in science education and employment in the majority of societies in Europe, and women also enter into self-employment in lower numbers compared to their male counterparts. Women on the other hand may be more interested in applying their skills for practical purposes and for solving social problems, which makes them an ideal target group for advancing social entrepreneurship. At least in the UK, female entrepreneurs are forming social enterprises more than other types of businesses, indicating they want to put their skills to practical use.

Combining the huge growth potential of the social entrepreneurship sector to the pool of female engineers, scientists and technology experts (and others as well) who want to use their skills to use in developing societies and communities, the opportunities are limitless. The small and medium size business sector is also the fastest growing form of employment in Europe with the majority of new jobs today being formed in smaller enterprises.

Who then are the benefactors of Social entrepreneurship? Take a look at the following article to find out more on the benefits of social entrepreneurship for yourself and your community.

Who can Benefit from Social Entrepreneurship?


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