Brainstorming is all about collaborative group work where we put our heads together to come up with new ideas. However, we do not always have that group of people around us to help us brainstorm and make our minds push that extra mile and function as the sounding board for our ideas. I’m sure you have also run into a situation where you really do not want to share your problem or situation with anyone but want to make sense of it yourself first.

Mindstorming is basically brainstorming but it is a discussion between you and yourself. The basic idea is to take your problem of issue and write it at the top of a blank sheet of paper. What you then do is begin generating ideas on how to solve this problem, or ways of going around some obstacle that stands between you and your goals. The number of ideas you generate must reach 20, and you should not stop before you reach 20 ideas. This makes sure you push your mind to go deeper into your imagination and come up with some more innovative solutions as well, as it is too often we simply give up and stick to the most obvious answer and never discover the other solutions that might also be worth considering.

After you have reached your goal of 20 new ideas, you switch back to your intuitive self and choose the one idea from your list that immediately seems the best. Here you need to trust your instincts! After you have chosen your one idea, you need to take another sheet of paper and come up with ideas on how to turn your idea into reality.

This is a very useful tool for helping you understand that the most obvious solutions may not always be the best ones because the chances are that your competitors have already thought about the same solutions as well. In social entrepreneurship creative solutions and ideas are the key to their success and makes this branch of entrepreneurship so powerful because it is all about something that has never been done before. It is useful to take a look at what your competitors are doing as well, make a list of their activities and then generate new ideas on your own that are different from theirs. It is all about thinking outside the box that will give you the edge to have an impact in society and help groups of people whom others have forgotten.


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