Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great way to write down and connect your ideas, thoughts and problems in a visual way. There is usually a central theme or a keyword in the middle of the map and you begin generating ideas relating to that central theme; it is a useful tool for finding connections between different aspects of your central theme and may help you make those imaginative connections between items you might not have even thought about before you saw them in a visual form in front of you.

Mind mapping was also introduced as a possible creativity tool during the workshop and the task given to the participants was to come up with suggestions for developing strategies for lifelong learning for entrepreneurial skills. The groups were very innovative in their thinking and came up with ideas for supporting and fostering learning throughout your career as an entrepreneur and on how to encourage more people to think positively about entrepreneurship. The groups came up with the following set of ideas for developing personal and institutional support for aspiring entrepreneurs:

• Making a Personal development plan for training your soft and hard skills

• Bringing the education of entrepreneurial skills to schools and universities

• Taking part in Mentoring and coaching programmes to get peer support and grow your networks

• Bringing creative education and innovative tools to formal education; learning by doing

• Help people change their perceptions on failure; learning from mistakes is OK

• Creating projects for specific target groups

• Paying attention to communication and interpersonal skills as much as to hard skills

Do you have a difficult problem or a complex business idea that you cannot quite put together? Mind mapping may help you organise your thoughts and give you the opportunity to see the full extent of your topic in a new light. You might even notice that the idea that you initially have placed as your central theme may in fact only be a minor part of another theme that you have been ignoring so far.


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