Combining Ideas

Continuing with the theme, the second exercise introduced to the participants was Combining Ideas, the purpose of which was to make the groups choose three items from the list that was provided and their task was to create a new product using the resources that these items would give them. Combining items that may not traditionally be considered to go well together would force participants to think more outside the box and be more creative. The groups came up with some very good ideas and seemed to enjoy the task very much. Each group had a facilitator who guided the discussion and afterwards the exercise was again rated.

All groups agreed that the exercise was good for thinking outside the box and helping people collaborate in making associations between items and elements and encourages collective creation. The role of the facilitator is really important in guiding creativity within the group. As for disadvantages, it can sometimes be very difficult to make imaginative connections between the items and come up with a final solution. For fostering creativity, the groups agreed it is a useful methodology but may not work for everyone and for every situation as it can be frustrating and the creativity is more forced. One group also mentioned a good starting point is needed.

Do you have two areas of your business that do not communicate very well, or that have simply departed from each other too much? Or are you and your friend aspiring to set up your own business but do not know how to combine both of your passions and skills sets? This exercise is designed to help you make those imaginative leaps and create associations between objects and skills that are not traditionally matched together. Bringing unconventional elements together is truly innovative and can create unique solutions with no competitors.

For your existing business this can be a useful way to try to either branch out to target groups who could benefit from your services, or simply make your internal processes more efficient and help you focus on what is really important.

Combining Ideas Exercise


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