Do I have what it takes?

Do I Have What It Takes?

Not everyone is an entrepreneur and not everyone can make it, but we can all be creative. This is something we also need to reflect upon before venturing into business, as it is not just about having a great idea, it’s also about turning your idea into practise and making a difference. You can never be too old to get started with a great idea!

This relates to another theme that was discussed in the workshop, namely life-long learning and how to foster the spirit of learning throughout our lives. We need to be receptive to new information, ideas and the changing world and not be afraid of failure every once and a while. Failure and mistakes do after all teach us patterns that give negative outcomes. It is also important to learn to recognise these patterns within ourselves. It is also actually more beneficial to be less confident about your skills, as this is likely to make you more self-reflective and pay attention to a issues that may go wrong. Read this interesting blog post to find out more.

Social entrepreneurs can function as great role models as they have the will, the motivation and the joy of doing business, and they have a social goal in mind for enriching our societies. If you have a great idea but  think that you may not have what it takes to make it a reality, do not give up altogether but remember that there may be someone else who is lacking that idea but has great business mind. Ask around your friends, family and professional networks and see if you can find someone interested in working together on your idea, then learn from each other! Social entrepreneurship is all about the Idea, so starting small is also an option that gives you the opportunity to learn what you are doing and make those mistakes that will make you successful in the end!

If you have an idea in mind, why not make a prototype or try offering your service to a small group of friends or neighbours first and see if there is something to it.

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