Creativity and Innovation

The second workshop of the Set4Change project gathered together 20 learners and members of staff from six European countries to Sheffield, UK to learn more about using creativity and innovation in business, and how to get inspiration to put their ideas into practise. The workshop lasted  one day and helped participants on the path to discovering their inner creativity, by introducing them to different tools they could use in their work for finding new opportunities and ideas for growth and development. The exercises mentioned in this article can all be found at the bottom of the page. Firstly naturally it is necessary to discuss what creativity is and where it stems from.

We All Have It

Creativity is not something that others possess and others do not, it is in every one of us and the trick is to find a way to tap into that inner creativity that we all have. It is also necessary to learn to recognise what creativity is to be able to put it to use.

During the Workshop we introduced the participants to several tools that can help people gain access to the creativity within them, and also to begin to think about creativity as a process and as something they can actively increase. Simply taking a moment to think about why we act the way we do and why we came to this solution instead of another, are ways of helping us to discover and understand our inner creative processes.

Where Does It Come From?

You can get inspiration out of virtually anything. Just think about things that you enjoy, are good at or put you in a good mood. These are all sources you can use for your inspiration and creativity. Anything that really gives you a boost! Personal experiences can also help you discover a gap in the market where you can enter with your own expertise. Facing personal challenges and taking a moment to think how you could get around them is all about creativity…connect this to a business mind and you have a social entrepreneurship venture in your hands!

Remember that you have to keep up your creativity. For innovation to provide you with proper benefits it needs to be a constant and organised process. Take a look at the next article to find out more:

Creativity and Innovation is a Process


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